01 September 2006

One-o-Clock - O21 to O23

Set of three postcards printed in 1999 from photographs by Pam Brown, taken in 1996 when she was working as Pitcairn's Schoolteacher.
O21 - Pitcairn Radio Station at Taro Ground. The envelope is an example of the famous 'Radio Cover' issued in 1938 to commemorate the establishment of 'The Voice of PITC the South Pacific' on Pitcairn.
O22 - Adamstown Square showing the Post Office and the anchor from the Bounty.
O23 - The Landing, Bounty Bay. First view of Pitcairn for returning Islanders or the few lucky tourists arriving by longboat. Great skill is required by the boatmen to pick the right moment to approach the harbour.
This set is still available for purchase in mint condition, please ask.

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