12 September 2006

MGM cards - difficult to catalogue

The catalogue is finally beginning to take shape and my collection of scans is growing. I am scanning all my postcards, front and back, at 100% and am going to reduce them for the catalogue to perhaps 20 or 25%. This way it will still be possible to see their relative size and also work out their actual size when looking at the printed book.

The "fun" really starts when I get into variations of the same card. Here, for example, is one of my MGM postcards in several printings. You will see that the backs are all quite different, the trimming is either wavy edge or straight, and one view includes a telegraph pole which is not visible in the others.

Does this mean that you have to collect all the varieties? Well as with stamp collecting, that is entirely up to you! When I began collecting Pitcairn postcards I had no idea it would lead me to this . . .

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