31 August 2006

D4 - Dexter Press - Who is the driver?

This "Dexter Press" American postcard from my collection has a small pin hole through one of the people in the boats. It is not some kind of voodoo, but shows which person the note on the back refers to when you hold the card up to the light. As you can see, the note says "my husband sitting on the launch he drives". I don't know who wrote the message or who the husband is. If you know, please put a comment on this Blog.

I'm not sure what year this photograph was taken, but there are other cards in the same series which might help to date it. One shows teacher Russell Henry outside the Pitcairn school with his pupils, another shows Fred and Parkin Christian and says they are both 85 years old. Yet another shows a group of Islanders with their handicrafts and states that in 1970 the population was 90.

30 August 2006

X43 - The oldest Pitcairn postcard?

After a long period of just thinking about it, I have finally begun work on the latest full edition of the Pitcairn Postcard Catalogue. It will take a long time to re-scan all my own postcards in colour (I hope to print this edition in full colour) and sort out all the notes and files that I have collected since the last edition was published.

The postcard here (catalogued as X43 in the previous edition) is the oldest Pitcairn postcard that I know of. It is not in my collection and I know of only one copy (in the UK). The girl standing next to John Adams' headstone is Ruth Constance Petch, born Pitcairn 11th July 1878, only child of Walter Henry Petch and Elizabeth Maude Petch (nee Young). Thanks to Ron Edwards for the information.